17 Galatos Street, Auckland.
Fri, 18 Jun 9pm


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stalls onto the scene 

Giving you a new frontier in rave , techno , disco , house , and weird electronica. 

and what better way to shift things off with


As our launch party

With support from:

Sin vs. Brook Gibson

Sam Lovli




And in the pit:

Aleja, Aunty Nora, Vegan House Mafia, Booty Tango, & Sala

With his lethal combination of hard-hitting G-House and clever green screen horseplay, Partiboi69 has amassed one of the biggest online cult followings in the dance music scene.

Hailing from the Australian underground, Partiboi69 is a DJ, producer, martial arts expert, rapper, ketamine connoisseur, fashion guru, sex icon, and all-around renaissance man. He has quickly turned himself into one of the most baffling and beloved characters in all of clubland. He started his vivacious music career under the moniker Stingray back in 2016, offering up a medley of undoubtedly absurd and hilarious hip-hop tracks, dank beats, recorder solos, and other video musings of his character’s curious magnetism via his YouTube channel. He also started his label, Unprotected Records, where he could release his music without the risk of oversight or anyone trying to compromise his grand vision.

It was in 2018, after changing his name to Partiboi69, that he levelled up and showed the world his mastery of ghetto house, Miami bass, electro, Detroit techno, and of course, the art of the green screen. Donning his now iconic white New Balance kicks and crooked shades, Partiboi69 recorded his Live Ghetto House/Ghetto Tech Mix from a sacred space referred to as “The STINGZONE” and let the YouTube algorithm get to work. With a high-octane mixing style of pure, booty-bouncing adrenaline combined with an unrivalled stage presence, a cult following soon formed.

Partiboi69’s arrival is, in some ways, a distinct answer to much of the dance music community’s unruly appetite for faster techno, eruptive industrial, and breakneck electro. It’s also an answer to the staid, serious techno class. For many, the madness  surrounding his sets and growing popularity screams, “we’re here to rave, don’t take yourself so seriously.” It’s a statement that comes backed up by genuine artistry, ceaseless energy, and underground prowess.

His true power lies in his unique track selection, mixing prowess, and kickass karate moves. While original tracks such as “Magnificent,” “Booty Flow,” and the Unprotected anthem “Always Keep It 69” may not be complex production masterpieces, there is a magic to them. They pack a raw and flammable punch on the dance floors where Partiboi69 thrives.

After tearing down each venue that he blessed with his presence on both his EU and UK tours in 2019 and early 2020, his fans continue to flock online when he goes live from quarantine in “The STINGZONE.”