Shepherds Reign, with Kiko and Strangely Arousing


17 Galatos Street, Auckland.
Sat, 10 Sep 8pm

Shepherds Reign with Kiko and Strangely Arousing

Shepherds Reign – Re-Awakening Tour

A wild beast should never be caged, unless you wish to experience the full might of its fury when it is unleashed. With only 2 NZ shows to their name in the year 2021, Shepherds Reign is restless as they step on to the ring once again, as it is time for their ‘Re-Awakening’. With plans set in motion to dominate the world, they take a step back to warm up in their old backyard of Aotearoa. But do not believe for a second they are going easy, they will deliver each blow to every show with intent, and with the full weight of their ancestors behind them. They will demonstrate the monstrosity from the likes of ‘Lamb of God’ and ‘Gojira’, while channeling the gracefulness of ‘Dream Theater’.

Their tour begins 26th August at Tauranga, and concludes 16th September at Napier, with Auckland, and Christchurch Dates in between. Tag teaming with them will be an assortment of bands from all around the place, such as: Strangely Arousing, Leave the Dead, and Crooked Royals.

A fifteen date tour of New Zealand and a five date tour of Australia as special guests of Devilskins’ RED tour have cemented a place for Shepherds Reign as a force to be reckoned with and won them a huge swathe of new fans. Paul Martin, bassist for Devilskin and producer of The Axe Attack commented “I totally knew our audience would love these guys! I can’t remember being this excited over a band for a long time. They completely blow me away with everything they do, attitude, commitment, passion and an unashamedly distinctive sound. But the real magic is in the songs. Powerful, compelling and totally undeniable.”

Shepherds Reign have the chemistry, the heart, power and especially the songs to hit the international stages alongside any of their heroes. Welcome to the aiga.

Joining us will be guests Strangely Arousing and Kiko.