Punk ‘O’ Ween


17 Galatos Street, Auckland.
Sat, 31 Oct 8pm

Punk O Ween


Are you scared of missing out? Do you have a serious case of FOMO? Then sharpen up those old plastic Dracula teeth and get ready for a great night of fun and noise on Saturday October 31 at Galatos, in the still beating heart of Auckland City!

Wotever Events, in association with Punk It Up, present a mythical, one-night-only, punk rock ‘n’ roll gig, that’ll give you a chance to dress-up in more hair-raising costumes than a fluorescent mohawk!

Due to the alarming global pandemic of the Rona causing Punk It Up V to be postponed until Feb 2021, the PIU crew have decided to horrendously team up with a few heavenly bands, and to have a spooky night of fun on the Halloween Saturday that PIU V was going to be on, as we didn’t want to leave you in the chillingly creepy wasteland of no good punk gigs, for what feels like eternity.

The spine-chilling line up of bands will have you frightening the neighbours in your haste to get tickets to this event before the limited capacity is reached. Heading up SH1 from Hamtown in the paranormal hearse, is one of the hottest punk bands around right now, Contenders, and theyre joined by yet another of the acts with a current scary buzz factor, newcomers Sit Down In Front.

Morning Horns have risen from the ashes too, to do a special set as a memorial for their bass player Tubbs, who unfortunately passed away recently, and the monster of a night kicks off with those scary ghouls Die Gruwel.

And if that supernatural cluster of bands isn’t enough to get you off the couch and all dressed up on a Saturday night WITH somewhere to go, we’ve eerily resurrected the great Rebel Truce to play a few songs to celebrate the release of their limited edition five song 7″ E.P., The Lost Tapes E.P., released on the Punk It Up imprint, of which the vinyl version will ONLY be available for sale at the gig itself! Pretty shockingly unnerving for all those esoteric record collectors out there, right? The digital versions of the songs on the E.P. will be released worldwide on Nov 1, which is El Dia de los Muertos as well…. metaphysically frightening!