Freakfest 2 : The Electric Blender


17 Galatos Street, Auckland.
Sat, 06 Aug 7pm

Freakfest 2 : The Electric Blender

On line sales closed now:  Door sales available from 7pm.  EP at door.


The Super Freaks

Ash Supé

Finn Ford


This is not just a party | This is not just a rave | It’s not even close to just a mind bending rock and roll extravaganza…You know why? BECAUSE IT’S ALL OF THEM COMBINED!! Right in the heart of your beloved city there is about to be a party making waves so big you’re going to have to run for cover. After a year of waiting, a year of planning, a whole year of pent up wildness that has been waiting to get on a stage. The party we have been waiting for is FINALLY HERE – Freakfest 2: The Electric Bender – The festival that is about to blow your mind.

Drum and bass? It’s here | Hip Hop? It’s here | Funk Soul and rock and roll? YOU KNOW IT’S HERE! For one night and one night only, FreakFest 2 is taking over the world. Don’t be late.