About Time -Cancelled


17 Galatos Street, Auckland.
Sat, 03 Dec 8pm

About Time – Cancelled

It’s about time we were all in a room together – we’re all excited to bring you fresh rhythms and movement from new beginnings.

R&B, pop, soul, funk, and jazz all merge together to take you through an evening curated for your entertainment, with the theme of groove gluing the night together across the acts. 

Rose Freeborn will ease you in with a soulful tone and sweet melodies; starting off the night stripped back and relaxed, BADMAW  – performing with special guests and presenting a unique twist on time and technique, leads us on to The Winch. Playing their new set fresh out the oven, they’ll be bringing a full band, grooving and shimmering through the tracks they’ll be releasing next year.

Love in Motion finish off the night with their debut performance, putting soul, rhythm, and all other herbs and spices left around on the kitchen bench into the pot for good measure. 

After all, it’s about time.

Tickets $15 + BF online through Galatos

$20 on the door.